My first sales conversation was a disaster.

Super nervous, I was shaking and my palms were covered in sweat by the time I got to my offer. Worried about my price, I'd prepared a discount and quickly blurted it out like verbal vomit.


No surprise. She didn’t buy. I was DEVASTATED.😩

Without sales and selling with ease, how the HECK was I going to have a successful business?

Maybe you’ve felt and thought the exact same thing?

I’ve created successful sales posts. But without knowing how to lead the actual SALES call I wasn’t seeing RESULTS, much less INCOME.

So many of my clients have struggled with the same thing.

Here’s the thing…

I realized that it doesn’t matter if you’re new or established with your online business.

Because without consistent sales, you don't have a business, you have a hobby.

I realized that I was making critical mistakes that kept me stuck and not able to close as many clients as I could, maybe this is the same for you too?

5 big mistakes:

1. You’re all over the place and don’t have a step-by-step process

2. You haven’t laid out clear expectations or intentions for the call

3. You’re coaching instead of really understanding the pain points or struggles

4. You’re not making OFFERS, instead you’re assuming your potential client knows what you offer (build it and they will come, sound familiar?)

5. You’ve failed to identify the personality type of your buyer so you’re not engaging them how they prefer

Back to that first sales call…

I was full of nervous chatter and I focused on giving so much advice and coaching. I felt so good about HELPING, but then super DISAPPOINTED when they said, “Thanks, this was SO helpful.”

Only they didn’t become a PAYING client.


Can you relate?

Painful as it was, I realized I needed a PROCESS, a step-by-step system to guide the conversations and help my potential client make a decision.


I remembered I actually had a structure and system that worked. Once I implemented this consistently, I signed up my first, then my next 4 paying clients until I was quickly booked out with a wait list.

Structures and systems may take time to set up, but trust me, it’s so worth it once you get it working smoothly for you.

Following a proven system took my conversion rates to ~80% over an almost 20-year career in sales responsible for closing over $600 million in revenue. It’s helped my clients go from 10-20% conversions to 60-85%.

Heck I’ve got a rockstar client who hit 100% conversion!

When you’re clear on what the purpose of the discovery call/ sales call is and follow a specific process that’s unique to you, your own style that allows flexibility to meet your potential clients where they are, you’ll CONVERT.

No pushy or sleazy sales gimmicks or tactics needed!

Now you don’t need to be a natural-born salesperson…

I’m certainly not!

What I’ve learned about doing this personally and teaching this for more than 20 years is sales is a skill anyone who’s committed to implementing can learn.

If you want to learn my proven system to be successful at sales…

EXACTLY what your dream clients need to hear to say YES (so they are sold on you) and what to say to handle objections with confidence and ease when they come up, check out my resource and find out how to “Turn I Can’t Afford It Into Sign Me Up”.

Pricing Objection
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