What are you REALLY selling?

No matter what you're selling, if you don't get this right, people aren't gonna buy from you. Making more sales doesn’t have to be hard.

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, I want you to first think about the EXPERIENCE that you’re selling. Because at the end of the day, you’re selling the transformation.

I know that sometimes it’s hard to figure out.

It's really important that you first look at :

1. Who are your buyers?

And then ask yourself :

2. What do they see as valuable for the service or product that you're selling ?

As a sales coach and a consultant, I help business owners sell with more ease without the sleaze so that they could make money and have an impact while living their life of freedom and flexibility.

That's the result. That's the transformation. They go from struggling or inconsistently making sales in their business to having more confidence and being able to know exactly what they're offering, who they're offering it to and do it on a consistent basis without feeling like they're sleazy or pushy.

So ultimately, I'm selling them freedom. {Who doesn’t want that, right?}

Whether it's a product, a service or a program, at the end of the day, the thing that you give is not what's most important, it's the result of the result.

I want you to think for yourself. What is it that you actually are selling?

If you are struggling to figure out the value of what you offer and how to communicate it to your audience, you need to listen to this podcast episode : https://www.susanmcvea.com/s1ep29