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Business Tools I Recommend

My Favorite Email Auto Responder

Convertkit is intuitive and easy to use with automations, tagging and segmenting of your list. Plus I love that you don’t pay for the same subscriber multiple times because you have them on different lists! They are simple to use and always improving their functionality.


Siteground’s reliability and customer service has saved me from tech hassles running my website. It is my go to recommendation for hosting.


I recently added on Clickfunnels to build out landing pages, funnels and even sales pages! The drag and drop features to build make it simple and easy to use, even if you’re not super tech savvy. They have integrations to make things simpler and are a new favorite for me.


I love using ZOOM for all of my client meetings and group trainings. It also allows me to record audio or video or screen shares for quick tutorials I can use for my clients or community at the click of a button.


The holy grail of project management tools. I’ve tried so many! Trello, Asana, Plutio, Todoist, Notion and more. My team and I have been using ClickUp for over a year now and while it may be more than you need for a solopreneur, I love it for teams. You can change the views so if you prefer board style (a la Trello) – no problem! – but if you like lists, it’s got you covered too. The best part is easily duplicating, assigning specific tasks within the project and having interdependencies so you know what’s waiting on another task to be completed. This easily saves my team and I over 10 hours of back and forth or confusion EACH WEEK!


The most amazing tool ever to search your video content and podcast episodes so you’re never again trying to figure out exactly where you heard or said that key thing! Searchie is the ultimate video tool (also now for podcasts!) that lets you search your content for virtually any topic and find out exactly where you’ve talked about it (i.e relationships in selling). It also gives you a built in transcript. Help your students, clients or audience more easily consume and implement your valuable content.


The first tool I ever paid for in my business and I still use it even with access to other calendar systems from my email service provider and/or CRM. It so easily integrates with other systems like your email, zoom (for video calls/ meetings), CRM, google analytics and so much more. There’s no more back and forth trying to get people on your schedule. Plus you can have any questionnaires completed alongside, so no need for a separate typeform or survey you need to chase down! It sends out email reminders (optional text depending on your account level) to reduce no shows and you can set limits for how many calls total and for each type you want to have booked each day. Acuity easily has saved me hundreds of hours since the start of my business and I now use it to schedule all my podcast guests and collect all their necessary info.

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