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This site is owned and operated/controlled by Susan McVea, as a sole proprietorship recognized under Canadian Law. The content of this site is governed and protected under various governing regulations established under Canadian Law. Any disputes arising out of the use of this site for purchasing, either products and/or services, will be governed under Canadian Law unless specifically agreed upon by another superseding agreement.

This site is intended for use by visitors seeking coaching services or related educational content, informational products, and related services (defined broadly as “users”). Furthermore, this site can be used by: (a) any “prospective clients” who may be interested in future purchases; (b) any “on-going” clients who are currently receiving coaching or related products/services from Susan McVea. This site can also be used by “former” clients who have received coaching or related products/services offered through this site. Some visitors may be directed to this site from the links appearing in the sites of our Affiliates. By using the content of this site, all users are required to accept the particular Terms & Conditions of this site. All users must show respect to other users of this site. Users are forbidden from commenting on any postings in a manner that can be interpreted to be offensive to a reasonable person, which includes any use of profanity or discriminatory language.  

The content of this site, including our blog posts and certain disclosures of successful outcomes experienced by our clients are published for only educational purposes in order to share educational or instructional content that may be helpful as an informational resource to various entrepreneurs desiring revenue growth. Any information published “passively” on this site is intended to provide only general information that could be generally applicable to some persons and their businesses, and is NOT intended to provide particular solutions for client-specific circumstances or issues. We emphasize that the content is NOT intended to be a substitute for financial, business, or legal “professional advice” that may be obtainable by engaging the specific services of such experienced professionals, who in the normal course of delivering such services will become well-acquainted with the relevant facts about a particular client’s situation.

All users of this site must be of legal capacity to assume the responsibilities of making the requisite payment for purchasing the products/services on this site. Any default on payment may result in extra charges incurred to resolve the issue, for administrative and legal expenses. This applies to all purchases made on this site. From time-to-time, we may be offering limited sales for a limited duration. We do NOT need to provide any advance notice of the beginning or the end of such sales/promotions. We may offer special discounts to persons who disclose their emails, who are consenting to receive messages delivered by email.

Express written authorization or verbal consent from the site owner is required before “using” any content from this site.  The word “misusing” includes repurposing (without obtaining consent) any content, such as direct or indirect copying/pasting activities (plagiarism) to any extent, such as using a single sentence or a single image. Misappropriation activities include taking screen shots, taking photos with a camera, making any 2D or 3D image reproductions of any page content, and/or republishing any portion of the content from this site without express authorization.

If users need to convey information or legal notices to the owner of this site, the Contact Us form can be completed by entering the requisite information in order to communicate most directly with the site owner. Alternatively, you may wish to communicate using the email address and/or the telephone number provided on this site.

The term “copyright” means “the right to copy.” Only the copyright holder has the sole right to produce or reproduce an original work product or a substantial part of the original work into any form, unless express consent is granted by legally transferring the copyrights to a third party (by executing an assignment or a licensing agreement in exchange for payment/compensation) or granted by an express waiver. Any informational content appearing on this site (any and all pages) is subject to the Copyright Act under Canadian Intellectual Property Law. Protected content includes writings, images, screen-shot images, photos, drawings, voice recordings, video recordings, audio recordings, and/ or any form of expression created by a human being or computational methods, whether or not created by the owner of this site or participating Affiliates, or content purchased or licensed from a third-party vendor. Users such as visitors, prospects, customers, and clients are strictly prohibited from copying, pasting, using, repurposing, republishing the content of this site for any purpose without the written permission from the site owner. If the content is republished on another site or other online platform for purely educational purposes, then permission is not required but complete attribution of ownership (or authorship credit to Susan McVea or the names of invited guest writers) must be clearly shown in legible form without requiring undue effort to identify the authorship (e.g., unreasonably small font size).
The proprietary names for any products and/or services created by Susan McVea or by others employed under the Susan McVea brand are deemed protected, as broadly as reasonable, under the governing Canadian Trademark and Copyright Laws. Specific notices of trademark and copyright protected products and/or services offered on this site are not required in order to reserve all rights entitled to Susan McVea and the Susan McVea brand. If there are uncertainties about the proprietary nature of certain products and/or services offered through this site, we recommend contacting us, as a matter of caution, to avoid willful infringement of our intellectual property rights.

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