(You come with leads You leave with sales!)

Maybe right now you’re…

  • Wondering if there’s some secret to making $$ in your business that you’re missing?
  • Constantly tripping over your price when it’s time to share the investment with potential clients
  • Unable to overcome those DANG objections. (If you hear “I can’t afford it!!” one more time, you’re going to flip your lid!!!)
  • Agonizing over how and when to follow up so you don’t come across desperate, pushy or sleazy.

Let me guess, sales feels anything BUT easy. It still feels a bit sleazy and definitely not authentic or fun! How the heck do you get fully booked with that dreamy wait list when you can’t get people to consistently say YES without hearing I can’t afford it, or now’s not the right time, I have to think about it? {*eye roll*, shudder}

It’s TOTALLY possible! With guidance from an expert who’s seen it all PLUS the support of a sisterhood to push you out of your comfort zone and get you to stellar sales superstar -fast!

More clients. More cash. More impact.

Are you ready for your next sales calls to say YES to your offer and finally see your calendar full of perfect clients?

Come on girlfriend! What are you waiting for?




Email funnels, social media strategies, freebies, webinars, ebooks, courses, guest posting, telesummits…it’s enough to make your head spin! No wonder you’re confused!

When you’ve been using DIY freebies or done for you scripts, it can be hard to figure out what to keep and what to toss.

I’m sure you’ve gone through loads of trial and error, or maybe you’re still trying to figure things out?

You are not alone.

Here’s the thing…

When you use a cookie cutter script that doesn’t feel good for you, almost like putting that old corporate mask back on, you will struggle and make it harder to sell than you need to.

Using words that don’t feel like you.
Realizing you’re feeling super pushy and still not able to share what your true value is so you trip up over your price. Each. and. every. time. you make your offer.

Remember the excitement you felt when you were getting ready to launch your business?
You decided to take the leap because you knew you were meant for more.
You wanted to change the lives of your clients and create transformation.
You wanted to be able to say, YES! I did it and do what you love.

Your work matters.
But it won’t if you can’t sell.

There’s something I know about you…
You’re smart. You’re a hard worker. If anything you verge on workaholic.
So why aren’t you seeing the results you want? You keep asking yourself…

“Is it supposed to be this dang hard??”

Maybe you think you’re just not cut out for this. Wondering what the heck is wrong with me? How can they succeed while I’m over here struggling, working my patootie off?



I’m sure you realize that without clients you don’t make money and without money you don’t have a business, just a very expensive hobby. Eventually your business may start feeling like a jail of your own making instead of the dream life you imagined.


  • Never again worrying about your bank account balance because you know how to create clients on demand
  • Working from the beach while supporting your ah-mazing clients so you can finally live the dream life you imagined
  • Setting up a schedule that works for your LIFE instead of the other way around…midday yoga session, anyone?

I know, right now you feel like life is anything BUT what you imagined.

Don’t worry, when I first started, I felt EXACTLY the same way!

I caught myself discounting, preparing to hear No’s on the call and
downplaying my skills and results so I didn’t overwhelm my potential client.

I was playing small.

Wasting a lot of time talking to unqualified people looking for free advice and not serious about taking the leap and investing in themselves. Ugh. I remember crying to my coach. How was I going to help people sell, when I was struggling myself?

First I stopped the pity party and figured out why I was going around in circles. I went back to the key parts of what made me a stellar sales person through my career and launched me into sales leadership. I went back to those tried and true key pieces and implemented a full blown strategy with an organized, step-by-step process.

Finally! It all started to click.

I remembered after almost 20 years sales coaching with over $600 million in sales under my belt, I know how to sell offline and now online. It’s helped me to maintain my conversion rate between 85-90%. Now I’m confident on my calls and know exactly what to say and when to hear YES! Without feeling pushy or sleazy.
My clients have seen results in as little as 2 weeks working with me with these exact same systems I’m going to share with you! In fact, Aprille signed 2 VIP clients and booked 12 discovery calls in two weeks!

Maybe you’re feeling the same way right now? That you can’t keep going the way you are, that you need guidance and a system from someone who’s been there and already done this before, who can show you the way? And not only my way, but a way that feels good and authentic to you?

I totally got you!

Learn my exact step-by-step process and system that got me booked with 10-15 calls each WEEK after only 3 weeks online, signing my first client within 1 month and achieving 6-FIGURE sales revenue within 6 months of signing my first paying client in biz. And now consistently booked out with a wait list of DREAM clients.

Come and join me in a super intimate 2-day intensive and learn how to:

  • Consistently get potential clients on the phone so you never have to worry about those feast or famine income months.
  • Know exactly what you need to say to get your potential clients to say “I WANT IN!” Before you even finish the call.
  • Never again waste time with unqualified prospects simply looking for free advice. You’ll understand how to create your pre-assessment or application process that actually helps you identify your best DREAM clients.
  • Create offers that gets hands raised instead of crickets so you know exactly what steps you need to take in order to build a business that creates both income and impact so you can finally attract dream clients with ease and grace. (Yes, totally possible!)
  • FINALLY make the money you want and never again say “I can’t afford it!”
“Before talking to Susan, I didn’t know what to expect especially since I made up my mind that sales is scary. Talking through my fears with her, I immediately knew that this girl knew her stuff. Not only did she give me advice that put me at ease, but she intuitively knew what type of sales script would fit best with my style. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to be taught by the best.”


-Amy Lanci,
Certified Holistic Health Coach,
Owner of

“Since working 1:1 with Susan I have NO fear absolutely NO fear around the sales call!! I feel like I now know how to attract my ideal client and how to do these things that were a mystery before. In just 2 short weeks I turned a huge corner in my sales mindset. Now I can create calls ON DEMAND, know exactly who I want to work with and confidently handle objections with ease. I went from 5 discovery calls in 4 months with 1 paying client to 5 paying clients and 12 discovery calls last WEEK. I recommend Susan to everyone who wants to build and grow a business they LOVE.”


-Leslie Seidel,
Relationship Expert

“I was struggling on how to pitch my services for my new business, and was going in circles of stress and insecurity just thinking about it. Susan provided the much-needed advice and action steps for how to start selling my services. She was filled with expert sales knowledge of how to approach inquiries and turn them into sales calls. In fact I sold my my 1:1 program on my very first discovery call!! If you’re having any sales blocks or find yourself stuck with growing your business, I’d absolutely recommend Susan’s sales coaching.””


-Caitlin Cardoza,
Digital Nomad Coach


We start SOON.

Isn’t it time for you to finally sell with more ease and less sleaze so you can unleash your superpower on the world and stop playing small? Get access to a world-class sales expert for a fraction of what it would cost to work with me 1:1. How long are you willing to struggle and keep working harder not smarter? Do you want to regret your business and resent the life you’re trying to build?

You can be fully booked.
You can make $10K+ monthly income.
You can live a life of ease and joy!

Join the waitlist now! If you want to drastically improve your sales skills in 4 weeks, you don’t want to miss out.

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