What if you knew exactly how to turn “I can’t afford it” into a full-paying client (without offering a discount)?

Sell With More Ease

A proven step-by-step formula to 2X (or more!) your sales call conversions without more effort or time even if you actually hate selling

I’m on a mission to help more coaches, consultants and expert service providers who sell with personal connections, turn more conversations into paying clients.

Clients come to me because they’re frustrated and overwhelmed.

 Take Sundey (yes, that is her name, pronounced “Sunday”) for example…

She set up her lead generation system and it worked amazingly. She had 44 calls booked!

But after having 44 enrolment conversations and only 1 convert to a paying client, she was beyond devastated.

Each call was at least an hour x 44 = 2,640 minutes!  (that’s 44+ hours on the phone for only 1 sale).

She was exhausted!

Thinking she’d get at least 10-15 paying clients instead of just one, she reached out to me on the verge of tears and burnout.

This situation couldn’t happen again. She knew she could help these clients and the idea that they couldn’t see her value was heartbreaking. Hearing objection after objection, she wondered if she was really cut out for this.

With each call it became more and more difficult to stay confident and ready for the next call when she began questioning if she really has what it takes to make her dreams a reality – and truly help the ones who need you most. So she struggled to keep going and not lose faith when it looked like the reasonable thing was for her to throw in the towel. Not only that, but she couldn’t afford to leave all those opportunities and money on the table.

She realized without a proven step-by-step sales process, those valuable potential clients (aka leads) were going to waste.

She knew she could help them, but clearly they didn’t feel the same way.

As a result?

She lost 10-15 more clients she could help or an additional $30-45K in potential sales simply because she didn’t have a system for success.

Sundey knew that if she kept up at this pace that her confidence and hope in her own business would falter. And eventually she would have to quit. (and then how many more potential clients who she could help would still be out there desperately searching for help?)

Using a step-by-step sales process when you have these amazing conversations is the difference between Yes and No and the key to creating consistent income that YOU control.

⇒ Learning how to sell well is the single most impactful thing you can do to grow your expert based business.

A proven framework for success to sell is your golden ticket.

But how do you actually do it, you know, sell without being a slimy sleazeball?

Maybe you’ve tried all of these things to get more sales in your business…

Email funnels, social media strategies, freebies, webinars, ebooks, courses, guest posting, telesummits…it’s enough to make your head spin! No wonder you’re confused!

Doing #allthethings won’t help you get the kind of results you want.

When you’ve been using DIY freebies or done-for-you scripts, it can be hard to figure out what to keep and what to toss.

Or maybe you are like me and you waste a lot of time talking to unqualified people looking for free advice who continually come up with the excuse I can’t afford it and you keep discounting your services just in the hopes for a testimonial that will help you later on.

I’m sure you’ve gone through loads of trial and error, or maybe you’re still trying to figure things out?

You are not alone.

Here’s the thing…

When you use a cookie cutter script that doesn’t feel good for you, aggressive “bro” tactics, almost like putting that old corporate mask back on, you will struggle and make it harder to sell than you need to.

Using words that don’t feel like you.

Realizing you’re feeling super pushy and still not able to share what your true value is so you trip up over your price. Each.and.every.time.you make your offer.

Remember the excitement you felt when you were getting ready to launch your business?

  • You decided to take the leap because you knew you were meant for more.
  • You wanted to change the lives of your clients and create transformation.
  • You wanted to be able to say, “YES! I did it and do what I love”.

Your work matters.
But it won’t if you can’t sell.

There’s something I know about you…

You’re smart. You’re a hard worker. If anything you verge on workaholic.

So why aren’t you seeing the results you want? You keep asking yourself…

“Is it supposed to be this dang hard??”

Maybe you think you’re just not cut out for this.

Wondering “what the heck is wrong with me? How can they succeed while I’m over here struggling, working my patootie off?”


I’m sure you realize that without clients you don’t make money and without money you don’t have a business, just a very expensive hobby. Eventually your business may start feeling like a jail of your own making instead of the dream life you imagined.
What would you be able to achieve if you could:

👉 Maintain a conversion rate between 85-90%.

👉🏻 Be confident on sales calls and know exactly what to say and when to hear YES! Without feeling pushy or sleazy.

👉🏼 Have complete confidence in your ability to sell & know exactly what to say and when so your DREAM clients want what you offer and are eager to work with you,even before you finish the call.

👉🏽 Never again having to check your bank account balance because you know how to create income on demand, by closing calls.

👉🏾 Being able to predict your income because you have an actual sales pipeline and a waitlist for your programs, if you so choose!

👉🏿 Ultimate freedom in being able to say no to poorly fitting clients and only work with dream clients.

👉 Setting up a schedule that works for your LIFE instead of the other way around…midday yoga session, anyone?

What if your next 7 sales calls looked like this:

Not for me

In less than 2 months, I was able to go from only “booking” free clients who could never “afford it” to becoming fully booked (with paying clients!) with a 6 month wait list of amazing dream clients wanting to work with me.

My clients have seen results in as little as 2 weeks working with me with these exact same systems I’m going to share with you! In fact, Aprille signed 2 VIP clients and booked 12 discovery calls in two weeks! (that’s $6,000 in 2 weeks from making $100 previously)

Remember Sundey? She went from 1 paying client after 44 conversations to 4 clients after only 7 conversations.

In case you’re doing the math, she went from a 2% conversion rate to 57%…
that’s almost 30X!!

This is exactly why I created my revolutionary sales program focused on teaching my proprietary 5 C’s to Close ™ Framework responsible for selling hundreds of millions in revenue.

Introducing Sell With More Ease

Sell with more ease and less sleaze even if you’re a huge introvert with a small list/ following, or you’ve been in business for years and still cringe at the thought of selling.

Sell by conversations and turn more connections into paying clients.

Have your dream clients consistently saying YES and see your calendar fully booked with a wait list.

✔ This is the program for you if…

  • You’re finally ready to ditch the DIY
  • You’re sick and tired of feeling sleazy on your calls.
  • You’re tired of roller coaster income months that stress you out.
  • You’re ready for those enrolment calls and creating the life you’re dreaming about! Finally saying YES to making a big impact!
  • You’re ready to FINALLY say I’m fully booked out!

✘ This program isn’t for you if…

  • You’re happy doing it the same way and scared to take big action!
  • You’re ok to make excuses and stay stuck in the same ole’ same old routine.
  • You buy program after program and course after course, only to have them sit on the shelf collecting dust. Action takers only please! This is an IMPLEMENTATION program with me as your expert facilitator! I will ask you to show up and do the work.
  • You’re looking for a magic bullet instead of being willing to do the work.
  • You do not want to book 1:1 clients via a sales conversation.

How Sell With More Ease Works:

  • Full Calendar: You get the exact steps I took to get a full calendar of perfect fit clients.
  • Qualified Leads: How to pre-qualify potential clients correctly so you are selling to the right people and stop wasting so much time.
  • Enjoyment: Have sales conversations that feel good to you from the first hello to the clients saying “sign me up!”
  • Navigate Objections: Overcome objections and answer questions with ease. No more awkward silence, ummmms, & aaaahhhhs. Finally know exactly how to respond to someone when they say “I can’t afford it!”
  • Confident Pricing: Confidently share the investment with potential clients
  • Effective Follow up: Learn how and when to follow up so you don’t come across desperate, pushy or sleazy

The Magic Side Effects From What You’ll Learn

  • No More Worrying: Stop worrying about your bank account balance because you know how to create clients on demand
  • Time Freedom: Setting up a schedule that works for your LIFE instead of the other way around…midday spa, anyone?
  • Do What You Love: Create more time in your business so you can focus on the things you love to do
  • Create Consistent Income: Consistently get the right potential clients on the phone so you can create predictable income months easily and make more in the next 2 months than you have in the last 3 years. Yup! Totally possible!
  • Certainty to Sign Up Clients: Know exactly what you need to say to get your potential clients to say “I WANT IN!” before you even finish the call.
  • Dream Clients and Wait List: Never again waste time with wrong people simply looking to pick your brain. You’ll create your very own pre-assessment or application process that actually helps you identify your best DREAM clients – no more tire kickers! Phew!

Program Details: Here’s What You’ll Get


Module 1: Getting calls

  • Discover the top 10 ways to source your sales calls (no more scrambling wondering where they’re going to come from)
  • Learn how to pre-qualify your leads and why it matters so you can attract people who want exactly what you’re offering, primed and ready to buy!
  • How to ask for the calls so you’re not wondering how your schedule is going to get booked and without feeling super sleazy.

Module 2: Sales Conversations

  • Understanding the purpose of a sales conversation and why you need them for your business
  • What are the keys to measure your success? (If you skip these, you’ll never know how well you’re doing)
  • Script or no script: how to know what’s the best way for you? (Hint: you need to know the key parts of your sales conversation)
  • Why your sales process matters & how to pick the one that works for you
  • How to ask the quality questions that will help your prospects sell themselves into your program

Module 3: Mastering Resistance: the art of handling objections

  • You are a mirror: learn how to use this to your advantage.
  • What are your subconscious beliefs and how can you overcome the ones that are holding you back?
  • How to coach through the resistance, both yours and theirs.

Module 4: Follow up

  • Why and how to follow up so you can increase your sales by up to 50% without a lot more effort
  • Creating a structure and routine that helps you stay organized and not leave money on the table!
  • Custom scripts and templates that will make following up a BREEZE! No more not knowing what to say.
  • How to create real urgency for your products, programs and services


Here’s everything you’re getting:

  • 4 weekly coaching calls
  • Checklists & swipe files
  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

Weekly coaching calls: Get your specific questions answered so you can get unstuck asap and learn how to customize the program material for your niche and clients.

Checklists & Swipe Files: We know your time is limited. Tried-and-true checklists and swipe files, my exact scripts, to help you stay on track and not waste any precious time.

Exclusive Facebook Group: Get access to our member’s only FB group so that every day you have a safe place to get help from people just like you. If you know the saying, “You are the sum of the 5 people closest to you” this community will be filled with your soon to be biz besties, cheering you on, picking you up if you’re having an off day and helping you get unstuck. Consider it your #happyplace to turn to for answers, inspiration and feedback to keep making progress.

Doors are closed, join the waitlist.


Bonus #1: Close Sales Fast Audio Training

A recording of my sales call so you can see me in real life action and hear how I overcome objections to close the sale without using any high pressure tactics.

You can be a fly on the wall during a real conversation with a prospect to hear exactly what I say to go from cold to sold, even with an objection.

Bonus #2: Mindset Mastery

Learn the simple steps you can take to bust through any blocks that keep you stuck and prevent you from signing up more dream clients.

Overcome any mindset issues that happen, recognize fear when it comes up and stop getting in your own way so you can implement faster and get better results.

Bonus #3: A quick reference guide for handling the “I can’t afford it” objection on a sales call

Your cheat sheet guide to use on every call so you know exactly how to handle the biggest sales objection with ease and grace. No need for pushy, “you’re making an excuse” or “you don’t want this bad enough” strategies.

It’s your exact blueprint to consistently hear “OK, I’m in. Sign me up!”

If your sales increased even by 50% in the next year, how much extra money in the bank would that be for you? How many more clients could you be helping with your God given gifts?

Join us inside before doors close!

Doors are closed, join the waitlist.








Consider This…

The average coach, consultant and expert service provider has a sales call conversion rate of 10-20%. That means you’re leaving 80-90% of your deals and clients behind simply because you don’t know how to lead the conversation.

What’s ONE client worth to you? $1,500? $3,000? $5,000? $25,000?

What if I could help you double your close rate? What if you could convert even 40%+ more of your calls to paying clients?

If you hold 10 sales calls each month, that’s at least 2 more paying clients per month.

In 1 year, that would be 24 additional clients who would have said yes to you!

How can your business afford to let this kind of business opportunity go to waste? It could mean anywhere from $36,000 – $600,000 in lost revenue. Gulp!

“Since working 1:1 with Susan I have NO fear absolutely NO fear around the sales call!! In just 2 short weeks I can create calls ON DEMAND, know exactly who I want to work with and confidently handle objections with ease. I went from 5 discovery calls in 4 months with 1 paying client to 5 paying clients and 12 discovery calls last WEEK. I recommend Susan to everyone who wants to build and grow a business they LOVE.”

Leslie Seidel

Relationship Expert

“My first LIVE using Susan’s bonus was effortless. I really LOVE the way Susan laid it out. My goodness, it was GREAT!!

I sold one of my program spots and when asked 5 minutes later on DM about 1:1 coaching, my price rolled off my tongue without hesitation or issue.”

Sundey Gardner

Online Travel Boss

“Susan provides real actionable strategy that get her clients RESULTS. She gives an immense amount of value, offers a high level of touch, customization, support and accountability.

I love her no fluff, no-nonsense and PRACTICAL approach. My conversion rate for closing discovery calls has more than doubled with her support! I feel so blessed to know her.”

Sabrina Colella

Marketing Strategist

Finally learn how to convert sales calls to ideal paying clients so that you can:

👉 Maintain a conversion rate 2-5X higher than industry average AKA get more clients and cash whenever you want!

👉🏻 Be confident on sales calls and know exactly what to say and when to hear YES! Without feeling pushy or sleazy.

👉🏼 Never struggle when you hear “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have time” and know exactly how to expertly guide your prospects through to close the sale.

👉🏽 Have complete confidence in your ability to sell & know exactly what to say and when so your DREAM clients want what you offer and are eager to work with you, even before you finish the call.

👉🏾 Never again having to check your bank account balance because you know how to create income on demand, by closing calls.

👉🏿Being able to predict your income because you have an actual sales pipeline and a waitlist for your programs, if you so choose!

👉 Ultimate freedom in being able to say no to poorly fitting clients and only work with dream clients.

👉🏻 Setting up a schedule that works for your LIFE instead of the other way around…midday yoga session, anyone?

All for only $997 (which you’ll quickly earn back after your 1-2 new clients)


1. I haven’t had any clients yet, will this program help me find clients and make sales?
Yes, this program will teach you how to sell and make sales, but not if you don’t know where your ideal clients are or who they are. If you’re not clear on your target market or your niche, you’re not ready for this yet. But if you’ve already helped people (for free, low cost or paid) and want to hear more yes’es on your calls, this will help you do exactly that.
2. I’m a coach/ consultant/ service provider/ graphic designer/ web developer. Will this program teach me how to send proposals?

No. This program will help you learn how to sell WITHOUT formal proposals. If your industry usually requires proposals in order to bid for work or sell, this program isn’t right for you. However, if you’d like to learn how to sell WITHOUT the added (often unnecessary) step of sending formal proposals or presentations, you’ll learn a 2 call close that will take its place. Please keep in mind that if your industry norm is proposals, while you can use the structure to minimize your work, you may be required by your prospects to submit a RFP (request for proposal) process which is not covered inside this program.

3. I don’t have my course/ program/ service created yet, will this help me know WHAT to sell?

No, I have another program specifically designed to help you “Create Your Irresistible Offer”. This program is best if you have already sold your course/ program/ service even once. You’ll need to have a good idea of what results or transformation you provide to your clients and in the program you’ll learn how to explain this to potential clients in a way that gets them eager to work with you and sign up on your sales calls.

4. I need help getting MORE calls booked. Will you cover this with us and help me get more leads?

Yes! While this isn’t a comprehensive prospecting program, I teach you the exact strategies I used to get fully booked in my consulting business without using any paid advertising. In fact, past clients were able to book calls using just 1 or 2 of the 10 strategies we break down in detail during module 1. That being said, if you’ve never had any sales calls and don’t feel comfortable offering calls to help people, this isn’t the program for you. I’d recommend you join my other program Sales Mastery Society when the doors open again.

5. I have been using Facebook (or other paid) ads to get more leads and calls booked, but they’re either not showing up on the calls, I’m wasting my time with the wrong people, or keep having objections from the ones I talk to. Can you help me?

You betcha! This is exactly what my program is designed to help you with. I’ll make sure you know how to pre-qualify those potential clients, know exactly what calls to get on and what to do to serve the other interested folks and what to say to avoid objections altogether. But more importantly, you’ll know exactly why they happen and how to make sure you’re 1000% confident in how to help people even when objections happen.

6. I have so many people sending me messages, wanting more information on my programs or how to work with me, but I have no idea what to say without feeling sleazy. Will you help me figure out what to do next and see how I can help them?

Yes! This is a new addition to the program that we will cover in module 1 – Pre-qualifying your calls. Identifying when you want to book a call and with who. When you know how to convert these connections into real conversations that will convert into paying clients you’ll never feel sleazy making offers or asking people to get on the call with you.

With this one client, even at a minimum of $1,500 X 6 month = $9K (now that’s a GREAT return on my investment of your course). Also, I feel I’ve gained additional techniques which I’m testing and proving so that I can be a better coach to my clients.”

Veronica L. Sagastume

Business Strategist

“Big thanks to Susan who forced me to increase my prices even more! I just sold my first $7,500 offer on the first try!


Marketing Strategist

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