Sales doesn’t have to be hard during these times. It really all comes back to the very same thing. The #1 question that helped me as a sales leader determine how successful they would be? Can you sell a product or service you don’t believe in? Can you guess why? The first step in selling anything is BELIEF. But if you can sell a product or service you don’t believe in, it’s typically going to come across pushy, inauthentic and sleazy. The exact thing that most people believe sales to be. UM….no thanks! If you’re completely SOLD on your own value & key deliverables, your passion and enthusiasm comes through loud and clear. You’d never sell anything to anyone that they didn’t need. BUT… You’ll struggle to sell anything if you don’t believe they need it in the first place. Doesn’t matter if the economy is doing extremely well or not. If people don’t need or want it, they are definitely not gonna buy it! And maybe, right now, you’re confused about what to sell, how to make sales or even if you should keep going with all the uncertainty? I got you. After 2 decades selling and leading others through tech bust, recession and moments of crisis, I’ve realized businesses that thrive don’t need a complete re-do, but small pivots that can mean more profits now and later, when the markets come back up. You CAN absolutely GROW your business and sales during this time as long as you do the work. In my 2 hour live workshop (replay + awesome bonuses included) I’m gonna break down:
  • Exactly what you need to switch to pivot from offline to online opportunities
  • What subtle shifts you need to be aware of to properly position your offer for maximum profits (this may surprise you!)
  • Why now is the perfect time to market and sell and the exact steps you need to follow
Imagine… ✅ being able to help more people while also seeing your business and sales grow ✅ not having to feel sleazy marketing and selling yourself so you can keep focusing on serving ✅ having people actually thanking you for the opportunity to buy your stuff! This workshop is happening on Friday April 3 – 1 pm Pacific/ 4 pm Eastern. Join us. Your investment only $97 and a portion of each workshop ticket sold will purchase a meal for a child in need due to Covid-19 quarantine. And you’ll also receive these bonuses:
  • Profitable Pivot Workbook
  • Selling During Uncertain Times mini course (value $197). You’ll get the exact sales strategies that have sold over $600M through every economic situation and crisis over the past 20 years.
  • PLUS: Simple Schedule System (so you don’t lose your sanity right now if you’re working with kids, partners or others interrupting your work life)
Get your ticket here.

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