LIVE: Susan Says! Ep. 16 – I can’t afford it and other objections

>>Why this happens (hint: it has to do with your sales process!)
>>What to do when it happens
>>What objections actually mean


Dreaded Objections…

Have you ever wanted to do something and known it was exactly what you needed to do, but in the moment you freeze and end up saying no?

That’s exactly what’s happening on your sales calls.

When you hear objections (which can be virtually eliminated when you create the right type of compelling content that’s designed to convert), your job as the expert is not to simply say…

“K, bye-eee. ”

Your first job is to step up and help your person move through the fear and uncertainty.

To help them to make the right decision for them.

Don’t be afraid to ask more questions.

“What’s the biggest issue for you right now getting in the way of saying yes?”

“If money/time/etc wasn’t an issue, would this be a perfect fit for you?”

“How would your life/ relationship/ health/ business be different if we worked together to solve your biggest struggle?”

“What’s making you feel like this is a NO for you right now?”

The key with any questions asked is to simply listen. To hear what’s being said, but also what’s NOT being said.

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