Why You're Not Converting On Your Discovery Call? - Susan McVea

Why are you not converting on your discovery call?

It doesn’t matter if you’re new or established with your online business, ladies, is this you?

1. You’re all over the place and don’t have a step-by-step process

2. You haven’t laid out clear expectations or intentions for the call

3. You’re coaching instead of really understanding the pain points or struggles

4. You’re not making OFFERS, instead of assuming your potential client knows what you offer

5. You’ve failed to identify the personality type of your buyer so you’re not engaging them how they prefer

I remember the first sales calls I made, full of nervous chatter, then focused advice giving/ coaching. I felt so good about HELPING, but then super DISAPPOINTED when they said, “Thanks, this was SO helpful.”

And didn’t become a PAYING client.

Painful as it was, I realized I needed a PROCESS, a step-by-step system to guide the conversations and help my potential client make a decision.


Discovery Call… It took my conversion rates to ~80% over an almost 20-year career in sales booking over $600 million. It’s helped my clients go from 10-20% conversions to near 100%.

When you’re clear on what the purpose of the discovery call/ sales call is and follow a specific process that’s unique to you, your own style that allows flexibility to meet your potential clients where they are, you’ll CONVERT.

Let me know what you’re biggest struggle is when it comes to converting calls so I can give you some specific strategies you can try. Let me help you with your Discovery Call.

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