Want to 2X your results without 2X the work?

Good! Grab my 6 figures in 6 month blueprint to learn exactly how I did it working less than 30 hours per week.

What our clients are saying...

“In just 2 short weeks I turned a huge corner in my sales mindset. I went from 5 discovery calls in 4 months with 1 paying client to 5 paying clients and 12 discovery calls last WEEK. I recommend Susan to everyone who wants to build and grow a business they LOVE.”


-Leslie Seidel, Relationship Expert


What our clients are saying...

“Susan provided the much-needed advice and action steps for how to start selling my services. I sold my my 1:1 program on my very first discovery call!! If you’re having any sales blocks or find yourself stuck with growing your business, I’d absolutely recommend Susan’s sales coaching.”


-Caitlin Cardoza, PR Specialist


What our clients are saying...


“With Susan’s guidance and support I feel I have more insight in how I can communicate with others. I know more about who I am and who I want to reach and support. She is an outstanding coach.”

-Sandy Mangis Transformational Business Coach


What our clients are saying...


“Susan intuitively knew what type of sales script would fit best with my style. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to be taught by the best.”


-Amy Lanci, Copy Expert


What our clients are saying...


“Susan provides real actionable strategy that get her clients RESULTS. My conversion rate for closing discovery calls has more than doubled with her support!”


– Sabrina Colella, Marketing Strategist


What our clients are saying...


“In a panic I reached out to Susan McVea. It’s the best thing I ever did. Within the first week of working with her I booked 6 calls and closed 3…TWO WERE VIP CLIENTS! To date I’ve filled my calendar! This woman was a godsend!”


-Ashlan Rae, Visibility Strategist 


What our clients are saying...


If you’re considering working with Susan know that she is the real deal. She takes the time to find out exactly what you need, where the gaps are and then laser focuses on those areas to deliver what you need to move forward. She is someone you want to have on your team!

-Steve & Alithia Gallegos


Welcome! I’m Susan McVea and I help ambitious women like you sell with more ease & less sleaze with a proven step-by-step sales process that makes you money and gets you serving even more of your dream clients.

Making consistent money in your business can be hard. Maybe you’re hearing more No’s than Yes’s on your sales calls. Or worse, maybe you can’t get anyone on the phone…EEK!

Sales, it’s more than you bargained for!

I get it.

I’ve built a business from scratch going from ZERO to $15 million in 18 months.

I’ve helped 30 people go from newbie to sales superstar, taking them from ZERO to 7 figure sales.

In over 18 years of sales experience, I’ve generated $40+ million personally and led teams to over $600 million in sales.

Grab my free gift to you below and learn my simple 5 step system to increase your monthly revenue.


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